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Online courses, books, documentary films, visual content ... your business vision has many moving parts.

Let us help you create a cohesive development plan, create outstanding content and successfully motivate your target market.

Words matter. How well do you convey your message?  Do you know your market's psychographics? The who, what, where, when and why of your audience?  Do you know the magazines they read and how to get your content in them?  Do you know the websites they visit and what motivates their actions and choices? 

Let's define your audience, create a plan to reach them and inspire them to join you in your mission! 


Award-Winning & Best-Selling

authors and filmmakers, Betsy Chasse and Cate Montana join together to support authentic transformative storytelling in non-fiction and fiction books, screenplays, videos and films.

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Best-Selling Books

Rampant Feline Media has published & marketed four best-selling titles and has four more titles set to release in 2019.

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Award-Winning Multi-Media & Films

From award winning documentaries (What The Bleep Do We Know?!, Song of The New Earth) to ground-breaking web series (Radical Dating), and short films (Radical Dating, The Empty Womb) we can take your content and create awe inspiring multi-media for any platform-

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Upcoming Retreats and Events

Maui Writers Retreat

4:30 pm Friday August 23 – 12 Noon Sunday August 25th - Maui

Ready to write your memoir? A book about your work?

Stuck staring at a blank screen?

Are you struggling to promote yourself as a writer?

Puzzled about how to get published in magazines and online?

Join best-selling authors Betsy Chasse and Cate Montana for a weekend retreat focused on supporting you while diving into the practicalities of your writing career.

Space is limited! Sign up now!

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