Most new and developing authors need substantial editing assistance. It's not that you can't write—it's just that it's not what you do for a living. Even if you are a professional journalist, writing your first book is a huge creative leap to make. Developmental editing is "large picture" editing that corrects organizational problems, poor structuring and detects holes in the information. It may even possibly result in you implementing a change in your narrative and the book's direction. It includes a certain amount of proofreading and copyediting as well.  Rates upon request.


  If you've been through the author process before, chances are your manuscript will only need line editing. This is a structural edit as well, but on a smaller scale. This edit pass focuses on the flow of ideas, smoothing out transition elements between chapters and within the chapters themselves, ensuring evenness of tone, and style. Line editing eliminates any over-writing, excess verbiage, repetitions, awkward phrasing and sentence structure while also addressing grammar, syntax, spelling and typographical errors. Rates upon request.


 Even pros with several books under their belts need copy editing. This is a a word-by-word edit process that addresses grammar, word choice, consistency, repetition and flow. This is also the edit pass that zeroes in on finding all those typos and spelling errors while correcting  grammar, syntax errors and punctuation. Copy editing is a continued refinement of line editing process. And although line editing addresses much that a copyeditor deals with, it depends upon the condition of the original manuscript. All manuscripts need a copyedit pass.

Rates upon request.

Proofreading comes at the end of the publication cycle. It’s the final check before the book is prin

The term proofreading comes from the “proof” that the typesetters produced for an editor to go over before the actual print run. This is the final "fine tooth comb" edit where proofreader looks for any last mistakes in the copy and fixes any awkward word splits that show up at the end of a line or at the end of a page or at the top of a new page. Proofreading is only done after a manuscript has been edited thoroughly and has been set in its print design  by the layout artist. Rates upon request.


Cate's personal writing coach package is a six-month program focusing on 1) content conceptualization, 2) outlining and then 3) completing a first draft. The whole point is to finally get your book out of the ethers and into concrete form! At that point your manuscript will be ready for an editor.

PROCESS:  Cate will consult with you by ZOOM or SKYPE for 2 hours per week and then spend as much time as needed going over what you’ve written, making notes, suggesting additions and/or deletions, addressing organizational issues etc. Month 1: The focus is on developing the concept and getting a solid outline done. 

Months 2-6: You will be responsible for writing at least one chapter a week for the remaining five months. Of course, everybody has their own pace and this schedule will fluctuate. But this is a "seat of the pants to the seat of the chair” program and not for the faint of heart or for dilettantes. The cost is $950/month.


If you’re going for a mainstream publisher or trying to get an agent to represent you, a book proposal is an absolute must. Writing a proposal that will grab people’s attention (which is what you want) is an art. Your proposal should be as unique as your book and yet not break any of the rules for properly formatting a proposal—all while showcasing the finest writing possible. Make sure your book gets the best shot possible and the proposal it deserves!  Cost: $1500





It’s always a pleasure to work with Cate. She’s always on target with her editorial suggestions. As an editor myself, I appreciate the professional and supportive way she handles my submissions. - Ron Miller, author of Educational Freedom for a Democratic Society


Cate is a deeply professional editor and writer. Her knowledge base in the areas of self-help, alternative health, psychology, spirituality and quantum physics is, frankly, unparalleled. Do yourself a favor and hire her. - Will Arntz, creator of What the Bleep Do We Know!?


Cate's editing and writing skills are exceptional and equally matched with her high level of integrity. I highly recommend her!  - Darren Weissman, creator of the LifeLine Technique™



My experience with Cate's coaching  really taught me to not be so 'journalistic and removed' in my writing style and to have the courage to go DEEP and really share a story with the audience. I felt strongly guided and supported throughout the writing process. And I so appreciated that she also demanded nothing but excellence and gave me the confidence to dive deep, get real and become personal with the reader. Thanks so much again! - Beáta  Alföldi


This was my first time experiencing the coaching and editing process and I feel the questions and feedback from Cate allowed an invitation for me to open up to a sweet place of vulnerability, authenticity and value in my writing experience. I feel prepared to take on my solo book now more than ever! - Humble gratitude, Gogo Ekhaya Esima 


I am a fluent writer and was not prepared at all for the journey of being coached by Cate! Her feedback let me dive deeper into my life experiences, and moments popped up, which I had totally forgotten. I became more and more excited to see how my writing transformed under Cate’s guidance to something new and even bigger than I thought possible. Thanks from the bottom of my heart! - Karen Sailer


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