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All You Need Is Love: The Importance of transcending spiritual cliches and living their deeper wisdom.

"A profoundly timely and necessary book, All You Need Is Love will make you rethink what you think you know and believe when it comes to spiritual "Truths." -- Jeff Brown - Author of "Grounded Spirituality"

With foreword by Chris Grosso (Dead Set on Living, The Indie Spiritualist)

At a time when people need spiritual substance never has substance been so hard to find.

The New Age and New Thought movements have flatlined. Stunning scientific insights and uplifting spiritual information found in early break-through books and films have devolved into a smorgasbord of "feel good" social media memes and lookalike spiritual programs guaranteed to deliver overnight abundance, soulmates and enlightenment in easy 5-step workshops.

All You Need Is Love is a much-needed antidote, breathing substance back into hackneyed topics, from desirelessness to the wisdom of seeking enlightenment, from the existence of the soul to the wisdom of posting yet one more fluffy spiritual meme on Facebook.

Join us as 19 authors tell the tales of how they learned to go beyond pat sayings and shallow interpretations of spiritual beliefs as they struggled to find their way to greater and more meaningful lives.

The Authors

Sharon Ballantine ∙ Susie Beiler ∙ Marie Benard ∙ Patrick Cameron ∙ Betsy Chasse ∙ Mary Clarke ∙ Michele Cutler ∙ Cameron Day ∙ Lisa Dimond ∙ Catherine Ellis ∙ Morgan D. Hartt ∙  Cate Montana, MA ∙ Kate Rodger, PhD ∙ Louise SaintOnge ∙ Linda L. Sechrist ∙ Julie Starr ∙ Parri Ulrich ∙ Christine Upchurch ∙ Trina Wyatt

Current and Upcoming Titles

Apollo & Me - 2019


  American author Kathryn Adams just wants to chill on a Greek island and relax. But Apollo, the devastatingly handsome ancient Greek God of wisdom and light, has other plans. Arriving back on Earth, his is a three-fold agenda: Make amends for his past betrayal of Kathryn when she was a priestess at his temple in Delphi, seduce her, then convince her to join forces with him in a desperate gamble to save humanity from a diabolical doomsday plot hatched by one of his fellow gods. An erotically supernatural cross-time tale of deathless love and sexual healing, Apollo & Me explodes the myths around older women and sex, the nature of the ancient gods and the role of the divine feminine.   Available now on Amazon or your favorite bookseller

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Ready Set Date - 2019


16 leading relationship experts share tips and tools to find lasting love.  

“What I hate about dating is dating” That’s what most people say when asked about dating and finding lasting love with the RIGHT person. It seems almost impossible. 

Not anymore. You can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to dating. You are unique, your situation is unique.  This book explores many different life situations we find ourselves in and how they impact our dating, our relationship choices and the differences between men and women. (We are very different after all!) Available on Amazon or your favorite bookseller.

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Shamanism in The New Millennium - 2018



16 Shamans from around the world share their stories.

A Best-Selling compilation book

An exploration of shamanism through the stories of sixteen individuals revealing how a person is called by Spirit (often reluctantly) to become a shaman/healer, what that journey looks like from multiple perspectives and traditions, what becoming a shaman/healer entails, and how that journey is transforming in the face of rapid cultural changes, loss of traditions, loss of ecosystems, and the loss of interest in "the old ways."

Available on Amazon or your favorite Bookseller.

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Dancing In The Unknown - 2017



16 every day people share their trials and triumphs as they dance in the unknown. A Best-Selling compilation book

It's likely you've spent your life dancing in time with everyone else, and still feel, deep within your bones, that there is something more yet to do. Wondering: What if? As the rhythm of our worlds changes, it's calling us to move with it., to reach deeper into and listen to the beat of our hearts. That is where our passion for life lies and we've been invited to dance in the unknown. 

Take a journey into the unknown with fellow dancers. All share their own trials and triumphs as they shimmied a little farther to the left and to the right, inward and outward, and found their own way and rhythm as they danced in the unknown.

Available on Amazon or your favorite Bookseller.

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It Came Out of My Vagina, Now What?! - 2016



Betsy Chasse and Debbie Spector-Weisman are joined by 14 other moms to share their motherhood journey and advice.

A best-selling compilation book. 

If you’re looking for the definitive book on parenting, this isn’t it. This is a hilarious, and honest look at parenting from a group of moms who’ve been there, done that. Pick it up after a hard mommy day, or give it to a new mom. It will make you laugh, cry and nod your head in agreement. Most importantly it will remind you that being a mom is one of the hardest and most rewarding life experiences you will ever have.

Available on Amazon or your favorite Bookseller.

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The Coaching Code - 2015



Leading Coaches from around the world share the tips and tools to building a successful coaching practice and finding the right coach.

Coaching seems to have become the "new" rage in a world where more and more people are looking for meaning and purpose in their lives. Coaching, however is not a new profession. In The Coaching Code you'll hear from some of the worlds Top Professional Coaches, with a combined experience of almost 200 years, in all areas of Coaching, Life, Relationship, Executive and Business, share how they built their practices for the long term. Inspiring, informative and a serious look at how you can build your own sustainable and successful practice.

Available on Amazon or your favorite Bookseller.

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Our Next offering





Women’s Lives and the Issues 

They Face at 50, 60 and Beyond

Join best-selling authors

Betsy Chasse & Cate Montana

in their newest collaboration book!




Rampant Feline Media is on the prowl for stories that will provide a highly inspirational guide for women who want to soar in their more mature years. 

Milestones is a compilation of stories of personal wisdom and success, life insights and advice from approximately 20 women in their 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond, each one addressing the advantages and problems, fears and concerns, victories and rewards peculiar to a particular decade in their lives.

“I’m fast approaching 50,” says Betsy Chasse, filmmaker, author and co-publisher. “And I’m seeing a huge difference in the way I think and approach life. And so many women I know in their 50s say it’s a whole new world for them.”

Author and co-publisher Cate Montana, 67, laughs and says, “Just you wait. Turning 60 was one of the most epic shifts in my life—an enormous psychological and emotional milestone. And now? I feel like I’m just really getting started in life!”

What do women face when they turn 50? 60? 70? 80? What have they learned? What’s important? What isn’t? What encouragement and insights do they have for their female peers and for those women younger than themselves? What do we need to know and be prepared for as we climb the rungs of the ladder of life in the 21st century?


You have been specifically chosen by the publishers, Betsy Chasse, best-selling author, filmmaker and co-creator of the hit indie film What the Bleep Do We Know!? and Cate Montana, award-winning author, editor, and journalist, to submit a chapter about your insights and world-view. 

Are you a published author already? Great! Reach a larger audience, expand your platform and help more people. A new book provides a huge media boon to published authors, giving them something to promote that isn’t their same old message, same seminars and workshops. With a new book, you have a reason to contact local TV stations, radio stations and newspapers and talk about your message—a new reason to post exciting news on social media. 

If you aren’t a published author and have always wanted to be and you’ve got an insightful story to share with the world, this is an instructive and fun opportunity to get writing coaching and training, marketing help and support and meet a whole new group of women who desire to embrace the collaboration, marketing and social media support and opportunities participating in a book like this offers. 

Get your unique message out to the world. Reach a larger audience, expand your platform and help more people. All you have to do is write a chapter and support the book when it’s released.

About Rampant Feline Media

We have successfully published five collaborative books to date: an overview on various forms of coaching titled The Coaching Code, a book on conscious parenting titled It Came Out of My Vagina, Now What?!, the highly inspirational Dancing in the Unknown, and an examination of shamanism and how it is evolving, Shamanism in the New Millennium and which has been optioned by a major production company to develop as a TV series. A sixth title, All You Need Is Love: The Importance of Transcending Spiritual Clichés and Living Their Deeper Wisdom is due to be released in June 2019.

All five titles have reached Amazon Best-Seller status and everyone involved has seen their platforms grow and professional credibility expand as a result of their participation.

What contributors say about working with Betsy and Cate:

If you ever have the opportunity to work with Betsy, take it, and you'll find your world and your impact in the world expand exponentially! She has an eye for pairing people and projects in ways that everybody gains greatly from the experience, including those who will eventually read or watch the creative projects she initiates and then collaboratively brings into being. - Wendy L. Yost, coach, author

It’s always a pleasure to work with Cate. She’s always on target with her editorial suggestions. As an editor myself, I appreciate the professional and supportive way she handles my submissions. - Ron Miller, author of Educational Freedom for a Democratic Society

Betsy Chasse is a wonderful partner/collaborator. She has amazing clarity for how she envisions/co-visions projects. And her marketing skills are unparalleled. She will bring out the best in you. - Rick Morrison, author

Cate's editing and writing skills are exceptional and equally matched with her high level of integrity. I highly recommend her!  - Dr. Darren Weissman, creator of the LifeLine Technique™, author of The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude

Are you interested in being a part of this book? Contact us below!



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