Maui Writers Weekend


Ready to write your memoir? A book about your work?

Stuck staring at a blank screen?

Are you struggling to promote yourself as a writer?

Puzzled about how to get published in magazines and online?

Join best-selling authors Betsy Chasse and Cate Montana for a weekend retreat focused on supporting you while diving into the practicalities of your writing career.

Both Betsy and Cate have been published multiple times by major publishing companies (Simon & Schuster, Atria, Watkins, Hay House) have multiple best-selling books and have appeared in national magazines and major online outlets such as: Seattle Magazine, Unity Magazine, InnerRealm Magazine, Eden, Mantra Magazine, LA Yoga Magazine, YahooShine, Modern Mom, Huffington Post, Seattle Times, The Oregonian, the Sacramento Bee and more. 

They both have a robust social media presence that isn’t filled with lookie-loos, but actual people, engaging and buying their books. 

              Learn from writers who have built successful careers 

                          & who continue to publish & thrive!


· How to find your writing style and voice

· Tools and strategies to finish your book in 4 months or less

· How to write a book proposal 

· Tips on finding an agent or publisher

· How to promote your work through blogs, articles and podcasts

· How to submit and get published in magazines and online sites

· How to build your social media platform

· How to use your story to inspire others

         This is a unique opportunity to work with professional writers who know 

                the ropes and have developed the tools to become better authors

                        Don’t just dream about writing 

 Learn how to find your voice, share your message, find your tribe and most of all:

                        FINISH YOUR BOOK

All while gaining a solid understanding of the business of being a writer

DATE: 4:30 pm Friday August 23 – 12 Noon Sunday August 25th

PLACE: Kula, Maui, Hawaii (address TBA)

COST: $450 per person – includes a wine and cheese party Friday night & catered lunch Saturday (does not include airfare or accommodations)

Limited To 15 Participants


Please Contact Us to register

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